Bernard speaking to the Republican Womens Club

Updated: May 13

There is much to do and we need everyone to "DO SOMETHING".

There is a growing concern within the communities that we are not keeping our citizens safe. We have the means to make our neighbors and cities safe but if we fail to act then it's not going to get better by itself.

“We must DO SOMETHING, if not now, when?”

We can make a difference but if we don't "do something" to make that difference then who will? We have many candidates running but we can't do it without your help, Time, Talent and Treasure. Few have all but all have some. So please "Do something!"

Safety is all of our concerns. If we don't feel safe within our own homes than where can we?

August 2rd is the primary. This determines who will be in the head-to-head runoff in the General Election next November. Many don't get involved with primaries but this is crucially important when we have more than one person running within the same party.

In Washington State we have a "top two" ruling and that means that it will be the top two candidates with the most votes that will advance to the General. This scenario can actually advance two of the same party and it could also remove the incumbent if they fail to get the votes that are needed to stay in the race. So as you can see there is a light side of the coin.

The takeaway here is as a party, we need every single voter to get out there and vote. And, I need your vote to ensure that I advance beyond the primary.

Vote Bernard Moody for Senate of the 38th District.

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